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My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Starflash which my folks gave me when I was thirteen to take on a six-week stay with my aunt and uncle in New York City.  Later, I got a 35mm Voightländer Bessamatic rangefinder and it went with me to Europe for six months at Stanford in Italy when I was nineteen. Since then I’ve had a series of Nikons, the latest a D610.

The way I create images grew out of that first trip to Italy. I remember the thrill when our art professor, Matt Kahn, showed us a slide of a stained glass window during one of his “Cyclops” talks in which he encouraged us to be selective as we hunted with our one-eyed macchine fotografiche. My sense of a world to be discovered came from the fact that the slide wasn’t of a stained glass window at all; it was a manhole cover filled with confetti from carnevale. Later that year in a photo critique with Matt I showed a slide of a cat perfectly centered on the arch of a bridge in Venice. He gently observed that asymmetry is often more interesting. More than anything else, Matt made me aware of being present in the moment and making the images my own.

I use a telephoto or macro lens to highlight details or abstract the subject to capture its essence or foreshorten it to make it graphic and two-dimensional. When photographing people I Iike the flattening effect of a telephoto lens.  I use a wide angle lens to compose with my peripheral vision and to distort the "real" view to create depth and distance.  Aperture is my digital darkroom.

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